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Children's homes

Children's Homes

Children’s Homes are designed to offer help and support to vulnerable children in care and should be a positive experience.

There are times however when those children are let down by the system and are subjected to horrific sexual and physical abuse whilst living in a Children’s Home.

Actions can be brought against the owners and operators of Children’s Homes, whether the Local Authority or a private organisation in respect of the following circumstances:

  • Abuse (Sexual, Physical and Emotional) committed whilst resident in the Children’s Home either by members of staff, visitors to the home or other residents
  • Abuse committed off site at the Children’s Home either on trips or being taken off site by members of staff, visitors to the home or other residents

Since the early 1990s there has been a growing recognition of child abuse within Children’s Homes. The evidence shows that widespread abuse had been occurring for a number of decades previously but had been largely ignored or hidden.

Uppal Taylor Solicitors are vastly experienced in advising on claims against Children’s Homes and groups of Children’s Homes and are able to investigate, with a detailed and forensic eye, the systems that were in place in order to advise our clients fully and properly.

We have represented a substantial number of former residents of children’s homes in claims for compensation which include the following:

Nottinghamshire Children’s Homes

  • Amberdale
  • Beechwood Children’s Home (Redcot and Lindens)
  • Bracken House
  • Brick House
  • Cherry Orchard
  • Edwinstowe Hall
  • Greencroft
  • Hazelwood
  • Ranskill Gardens
  • Sycamore House
  • Wollaton House

Leicestershire Homes

  • Dunblane Avenue Children’s Home
  • Ratcliffe Road
  • Rosehill
  • The Beeches
  • The Poplars

Bryn Alyn Community Homes

  • Bryn Alyn Hall
  • Bryn Tirion
  • Cotsbrook Hall
  • Gatewen Hall
  • Ratcliffe Road
  • Pentre Saeson

Care Concern International Limited Homes

  • Cartref Melys
  • The Village
  • Westminster House
  • Ystrad Hall

Homes run and operated by The Residential Care Group Limited

  • Residential Care Group Home, Basildon, Essex

Other homes

  • Scawby Grove

Barnardos Establishments

  • Springhill School

National Children’s Homes Establishments

  • Danesford Hall, Congleton
  • Wellfield House, Harrogate

If you wish to discuss your experiences in a Children’s Home then you can email us or telephone is. All enquiries will be dealt with sympathetically and confidentially.

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Frequently asked questions

How will I pay for my claim?

We have a number of ways in which we can fund your claim:

No Win No Fee

Under a Conditional Fee Agreement, also known as ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreements we would agree that if you claim is unsuccessful you would not be charged for our time and we do not get paid. If your claim is successful then we are entitled to charge for our time and claim a success fee (calculated as a percentage) previously agreed with you.

Contingency Fee Agreements

Under a contingency fee agreement we agree with you that if your claim is successful our fees are calculated as a percentage of what you recover.

Contingency Fee Agreements are only available in matters which are classed as non-contentious such as Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Applications.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may have legal expenses insurance to cover the cost of your claim. This is known as ‘Before the Event Insurance’ or ‘BTE’ because you have taken insurance cover prior to the incident has occurred. Legal Expenses Insurance may assist if you want to bring a claim or if you wish to defend a claim brought against you.

Legal Expenses Insurance is usually included with many insurance policies such as Household Insurance (Buildings and Contents) and Car Insurance. You may have legal expenses insurance under your credit card arrangement or under another financial arrangement. You may have a stand along legal expenses insurance policy. It maybe that legal expenses insurance has been included as an optional extra or as standard.

You should check all documentation relating to insurance policies and similar, to ascertain whether or not you have legal expenses insurance. If you are unsure whether or not you have such cover, we will review the documentation for you.

If you do have legal expenses insurance, subject to the terms of the insurance, then this may cover you for your disbursements (Court Fees, Experts Fees etc); cover you against paying your opponents’ costs if you are unsuccessful and possibly even your own solicitors costs. In this respect, you may have no financial risk in bringing a claim.

Private Paying

If the funding of your case is on a private paying basis then our fees are charged on an hourly basis for the work carried out on your behalf. The amount of the hourly charge will depend upon the level and experience of the fee-earner carrying out the work on your case and the nature of the case. Our hourly charge will be communicated to you at the beginning of your case along with an estimate of the total costs.

The fees charges on an hourly basis are known as Profit Costs and are subject to VAT. The Profit Costs are separate to any disbursements that need to be incurred on your behalf such as Court Fees, Medical Records Fees or Experts Fees.

Legal Aid

Uppal Taylor Solicitors do not have a Legal Aid Franchise but in certain circumstances we can apply for Legal Aid on your behalf.

We will explore all possible funding options with you at the outset and will make a recommendation on the best funding option for you.

The home is now closed can I still take action?

Yes. Even though the home may now be closed you may still be able to take action against the party who was responsible for placing you there.

Will the Police be involved?

In the majority of situations the Police will already have carried out a criminal investigation. However, in some situations when the abuse or abuser has not been reported to the Police we will advise that the victim reports this and this may result in a criminal investigation. The reporting of criminal offences is important to protect others from abuse.

No one believed me then – why will they now?

We believe you. We are here to ensure that your voice is heard and work with you to get the compensation, treatment and closure that you seek.

Will I have to face my abuser in Court?

We do not know if the Defendant will call your abuser if the case reaches Court. However, we do know that your abuser cannot cross-exam you directly and we can arrange for you to give evidence by video link or behind a screen if you have any concerns.

The Children’s Home was in Scotland / Ireland can I still bring an action?

Unfortunately we do not deal with actions in Scotland or Ireland but can redirect you to someone who can assist.

Our cases

Armes (NA) -v- Nottinghamshire County Council – A welcome victory for abused foster children Supreme Court rule child abuse victory for Nottingham Claimant against Nottinghamshire County Council Today, the Supreme Court gave a much-awaited judgement in the case of Armes (NA) -v- Nottinghamshire County Council finding that local authorities are vicariously liable for the actions of foster parents. The claimant,…

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Notable cases

Court hands down judgement in B&B – v – Leicestershire County Council and rules that Local Authorities owe a non-delegable duty of care to children who are placed in foster care. The Claimants were represented by Mr. Christopher Ratcliffe, solicitor, of Uppal Taylor Solicitors and Mr. Philip Turton, barrister, of Ropewalk Chambers, Nottingham. The Claimants brought proceedings against the Local…

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Other news

Stockport MP, Ann Coffey, says rise in number of children being “farmed out” to care homes. 2012 government reforms made a pledge to reduce the number of “out of borough placements” to help combat child sexual exploitation, but Ministers are now being accused of breaking that promise. Labour MP Ann Coffey is expected to use a Commons debate later to…

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