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IICSA Lambeth Council Public Hearing Concludes

Posted on: August 5, 2020

The public hearing in the Lambeth Council Phase of The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) which commenced on 29th June 2020 has concluded.

The final hearing in this phase of the IICSA Inquiry into Lambeth Council concluded on Friday 28th June 2020 with each legal team delivering a closing speech.

Uppal Taylor Solicitors represent LA-A131 in this phase of the Inquiry. Mr Stephen Simblet QC is instructed as Counsel. On behalf of LA-A131 Mr Simblet QC stated in closing: “The evidence that we have heard, both live and read, is a catalogue of stolen childhood and lies”.

On behalf of LA-A131 He raised specific concerns about the operation of the Lambeth Redress Scheme , namely, that the offer of housing assistance did not extend beyond the catchment area of the Council, the delay experienced by LA-A131 in the application being processed and, that LA-A131 was forced into a position of accepting a less than fair award due to his dire circumstances – in these circumstances it will be submitted that there should be a procedure to examine that award, and if a less than fair amount was accepted, the application should be re-opened and further consideration given to a fair award – and any balance paid.

At conclusion Mr Simblet QC said “A131 hopes that Lambeth’s words will not be backed up by action, and that your recommendations will ensure that they do much better in the future”.

The closing statement has been augmented by a more detailed written closing which will be published on the IICSA website in the coming weeks.

A transcript of the evidence heard on each day can be found HERE

The Inquiry is expected to publish its report in Summer 2021. 

Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse – Lambeth Council

This phase of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will, in respect of Lambeth Council, “investigate the nature and extent of, and institutional responses to, the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council (‘the Council’), including those cared for in children’s homes, by foster carers and/or by adoptive parents. The investigation will incorporate case-specific investigations and a review of information available from published and unpublished reports and reviews, court cases and previous investigations”.

The investigation will look at general issues, such as the nature and extent of the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council and the nature and extent of the failings of Lambeth Council to protect such children from sexual abuse.

The investigation will also consider specific issues, such as the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council in residential children’s homes, such as, Angell Road, Monkton Street, Ivy House, South Vale, and Shirley Oaks Children’s Homes .

This phase of the Inquiry will also look at the involvement of Michael Carroll and Steven Forrest in the sexual abuse of children. The investigation will also look at allegations that individuals with information about the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council were the subject of intimidation and potentially lethal violence; and allegations that there was inappropriate interference in law enforcement investigations into the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council.

Other Phases

Uppal Taylor have also represented many victims/ survivors in the Nottinghamshire phase of the Inquiry and the Accountability and Reparations Phase.

The Inquiry published its findings in the Nottinghamshire Phase on 31st July 2019 following a 15 day public hearing in 2018 during which the Inquiry heard from those who had been sexually abused as children whilst in the care of Nottinghamshire Councils. The report found that some 350 individuals reported being sexually abused whilst in the care of Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Council from the 1960s onwards. The true number of those that suffered, however, is likely to be considerably higher. The Inquiry has also concluded investigations into the sexual abuse of children in the following phases: Cambridge House, Knowl View and Rochdale, Children is Custodial Institutions, Children outside the UK, The Internet and Westminister.

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