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Sexual Abuse Inquiry: Case Studies Determined and will include Beechwood Children’s Home

Posted on: March 8, 2018

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has decided that three case studies in the Nottinghamshire Phase of the Inquiry will be examined during the public hearings in October 2018 which will include focus upon Beechwood Children’s Home.

One particular phase within the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will focus upon the experiences of children in the care of Nottingham City Council or Nottinghamshire County Council. This phase of the Inquiry is an investigation into the extent of any institutional failures to protect children in the care of the Nottinghamshire Councils from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Following a preliminary hearing on 31st January 2018 at the Inquiry’s hearing centre in London the Inquiry has determined that the focus of the Public Hearings in October 2018 will be upon three particular case studies;

(a) An investigation focused on Beechwood Children’s Home, which was located on Woodborough Road in Nottingham and closed in 2006. This will look at abuse within Beechwood Children’s Home since 1967, with an emphasis on the disclosures of abuse made, to whom disclosures were made and what happened following those disclosures. If an individual was not able to make disclosures the Inquiry will focus on why no disclosures could be made.

Uppal Taylor Solicitors were instructed by over 100 former residents of Beechwood Children’s Home in the Beechwood Children’s Home Litigation and secured compensation in excess of 1.4million for those former residents.

(b) An investigation focused on allegations of child sexual abuse in Foster Care. Again, there will be an emphasis on what happened following any disclosures made, and if no disclosures were made, why that was the case i.e. what prevented a child in foster care speaking out about the abuse.

Uppal Taylor Solicitors have significant and specialist experience in respect of compensation claims arising from abuse and maltreatment within foster care having been instructed in many cases over the past 18 years and were instructed by the Claimant in the ground-breaking Supreme Court case of Armes – v – Nottinghamshire County Council.

(c) An investigation into the disclosures of allegations of sexual abuse carried out by Children against other Children in the care of the Councils. As with the other case studies, there will be an emphasis on disclosures of abuse, and the barriers that prevented disclosure if no reports were made.

The Public Hearings will take place from 1st October 2018 and will last three weeks – with a one week break in the week commencing 15th October. It is anticipated that most of the hearing will take place in Nottingham.

The Inquiry also considered whether these should be separate focused investigations into other residential establishments, such as Wollaton House, Skegby Hall, Amberdale, Ranskill Gardens and Aston Hall. The Inquiry determined, however, that there will only be time during the allocated public hearing times to hear evidence in respect of the three case studies.

In addition, however, the Inquiry will be looking at ways of including evidence relating to experiences of those whom experienced child sexual abuse whilst in the care of the Council not falling within the case studies.

The final determination regarding the case studies can be read by clicking HERE

Uppal Taylor Solicitors are specialist child abuse solicitors and represent a significant number of core participants in the Nottinghamshire Phase of the Inquiry.

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