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Rosminian Boys Group Litigation

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Uppal Taylor Solicitors are currently representing 22 Claimants who are bringing proceedings against The Rosminian Order in respect of the activities of paedophile and abusive priests.

The Claimants are former fee paying pupils of Grace Dieu Preparatory School, Leicestershire and St Michael’s School, Soni, Tanzania. Both Grace Dieu and St Michael’s were run by The Rosminian Order.

The Rosminian Order, officially the Institute of Charity or Societas a charitate nuncupata, are a Catholic religious congregation founded by Antonio Rosmini and first organised in 1828.

Grace Dieu was opened by the Rosminian Fathers as a preparatory school for Ratcliffe College in May 1933. The Rosminian’s have been working in the Tanga region of Tanzania since 1948.

The claims, which span a period of 21 years from 1952 to 1973, are for financial compensation for personal injury, loss and damage (including psychiatric injury) occasioned to those former pupils as a result of sexual, physical and emotional abuse perpetrated against them by Fathers within the Rosminian Order while resident at the Schools. Each act of abuse was a betrayal of trust going to the core of each Claimant’s faith and Catholic principles.

Eleven of the former pupils were resident at Grace Dieu; they describe incidents of serious abuse over a collective period from 1952 to 1962 by Father Bernard Collins, Father Brian Gallway and Father Gibbons.

The remaining eleven Claimants are former residents of St Michael’s School; they describe incidents of serious abuse over a collective period from 1957 to 1973 by Father Bernard Collins, Father Kit Cunningham, Father Bill Jackson, Father Douglas Rayner, Father Tom McCarthy and Father Casey.

The Claimants collectively made complaints to the Rosminian Order in 2009 about their treatment by members of the order at the Schools. The Rosminian Order investigated the complaints and put the descriptions of abuse to the perpetrators; the result of such was admissions.

Father Bernard Collins, during an interview in November 2009, admitted to the physical and sexual abuse of former pupils. He wrote letters of apology to those former pupils affected.

Father Kit Cunningham admitted to incidents of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated against former pupils. He wrote letters of apology to those former pupils affected.

Father Douglas Rayner admitted during interview in January 2010 to using excessive force in punishments and admitted to ‘groping’ young boys and using cruelty towards other boys.

Father Bill Jackson wrote a letter of apology to one of the former pupils of Soni accepting his part in the “appalling sufferings” of the former pupil.

The Rosminian Order is denying that the Claimants are entitled to financial compensation arising from their experiences within the schools and have communicated that they will strenuously defend the claims. The claims continue and will involve the issue of formal court proceedings over the coming weeks.

The abuse scandal has received widespread media interest and was the subject of the BBC Documentary Abused: Breaking the Silence which aired on Tuesday 21 June 2011. The documentary can still be viewed using the BBC iPlayer

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