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Rosminians: Inadequate apology

Posted on: June 24, 2011

Fr David Myers, British Provincial of the Rosminian Order, has issued an inadequate apology to those who suffered at the hands of the Rosminian Order.

The apology appeared on the website of the Diocese of Westminster and stated;

“I apologise without reservation on behalf of the Rosminian brethren in the UK to all those who have suffered. Such abuse was a grievous breach of trust to them and to their families. We are appalled by what was done to them I and all my brethren are deeply shocked at what has happened and acknowledge our inadequate response. We are committed to the pastoral care and support of those who have suffered abuse and to the procedures laid down by the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission”.

In response, the solicitor acting on behalf of 22 Claimants currently proceeding against The Rosminian Order for financial compensation, Mr. Billhar Uppal of Uppal Taylor Solicitors, said in a press release;

“The BBC Documentary, Abused – Breaking the Silence” has exposed the horrific abuse of young children by members of the Rosminian Order at a time when they required and rightly expected that their physical and moral welfare would be paramount to those entrusted with their care. It is perhaps more so appalling that those that espouse moral fortitude under the guise of religious cloths, should have paid such little regard to the young lives that they ruined by their actions and depravities. In knowing that such abuse was taking place, the Rosminian Order and the trustees of the schools acted is a reckless and deplorable manner lacking both moral conscience and compass.

The acceptance of abuse by the Rosminian Order at Grace Dieu and at St Michaels, Soni, is an inevitable outcome, given that each of the brethren concerned with the abuse of young children admitted to their part in such abuse and sought forgiveness. It is nevertheless welcome by the former pupils and a step in the right direction on the road to reconciliation and restitution, but the apology in itself does not go to heal the very real trauma that has been caused. Trauma, that each of the former pupils has had to live with for many years and that has without doubt impacted upon their lives in the most profound of ways. Hollow words do little to stave off the nightmares, to bring back lost years and to repair the damage of those years“.

Uppal Taylor Solicitors are specialist child abuse compensation solicitors. If you wish to speak with a solicitor in the strictest of confidence then please call Chris Ratcliffe or Billhar Singh Uppal on 0115 982 0770.

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